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Bman's Blues Library: 2011-05-01

In this program, part one of three, we pay tribute to Joe Bihari, the down home field recordings he made with Ike Turner, and the series of albums that came out in 1969, the Anthology of the Blues, which collected that material for the very first time.Book excerpts taken from "Talking To Myself," by Studs Terkel.From his early days in Mississippi to his last recording session in New York City, we’ll hear the remaining titles from his career.The label, Ultrasonic, was one of many owned by Gabriel — a famous disk jockey, who, as of this writing, can still be found plying his trade over the airwaves of his hometown.

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In part two, we’ll focus on the years 1952 to 1954, when the label enjoyed its final period of peak activity — and scored its only Billboard chart hit ("Five Long Years," by Eddie Boyd).In addition, we’ll also hear from a handful of other homegrown enterprises — Ace and Champion (Johnny Vincent), plus, the short-lived Delta label.Who’s Heah (2:44) 15.You hear him in actual performance.In the Bluff City, a place that has always been blessed with a rich musical tapestry, field recording units first arrived in 1927, with annual followups taking place every year.

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While the first two were designed as audio companions to groundbreaking books of the same name — by Sam Charters and Paul Oliver, respectively — the third one, from Origin Jazz Library, was conceived, apparently, as a deliberate act of "one upmanship" over Sam Charters (Pete Whelan, one of the founders of OJL, later complained that the country blues Charters had written about hadn't quite been "real enough").After the smoke cleared and the dust settled, we selected 27 tracks that rocked, moved, and inspired — or in a couple cases, were just simply jaw-dropping.

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Son, apparently, appreciated the help and support that the young man gave him.Along the way, we'll enjoy a few rarities, as well as a few selections from the very last studio LP of keyboard giant, Otis Spann.Join us for another installment of our ongoing series, "The Keepers of the Flame," where we aim the spotlight on those individuals who've made extraordinary contributions to the world of the blues.NJA: National Jazz Archive NJA/B: Bibliographic Materials NJA/B/BOO: Books NJA/B/BOO/1: The "Wax Works" of Duke Ellington: 31 July 1942 -11 Nov 1944 The Recording Ban Period NJA/B/BOO/2: The "Wax Works" of Duke Ellington: An Up-to-date Discography NJA/B/BOO/3: Out of Sight: The Rise of African American Popular Music 1889-1895 NJA/B/BOO/4: Ragged but Right: Black Traveling Shows, ….

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Starting with Speckled Red in 1929, we’ll hear classics along the way from Bo Diddley, Jack McVea, Pigmeat Markham, Robert Pete Williams, and B.(Note: Part 2 of 3). Join us as we aim the spotlight on Harlem's legendary independent record producer, Bobby Robinson.For a brief period of time, three musicians made musical history, and the Parkway recordings of Leroy Foster, Little Walter Jacobs, and Muddy Waters will always be remembered as one of those definitive moments in the history of Chicago Blues.

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Join us as we take a ride down to Jackson, Mississippi, to hear some lowdown harmonica.Lee Baker formed a group, The Agitators, to play around town. Join us as we take a look at the small but mighty Chief label, out of Chicago, Illinois.The blues goes to war, on this episode of Blues Unlimited.Their third single, the Ray Davies penned "You Really Got Me", became an international hit, topping the charts in the United Kingdom and reaching the Top 10 in the United States.A trip down to Parchman Farm, on this episode of Blues Unlimited.Starting his recording career in 1951 – right along side the Wolf – he helped to define and shape the overall impact of those early recordings that put Wolf on the map.

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