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Paul Westerberg / Grandpa Boy - Stereo / Mono | Discogs

Buy Stereo Mono on eBay now! Rockford Fosgate - $799.Different people of course have different preferences.Stereo was usually a dollar more.After taking the helm at Capitol in 1995, he had since added Vic Chesnutt, Supergrass, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Sparklehorse, among others, to their roster.Footsteps - By Grandpaboy3.These albums, if nothing else, serve as a reminder of all he's done, and all he's yet to do.Opener ‘High Time’ sets the tone perfectly with great guitar work and a tone of optimism, while closer ‘AAA’ is surprisingly pretty with its tender support vocals.

Westerberg, Paul : Stereo / Mono - Levykauppa Äx

Where Westerberg's albums after 14 Songs have been uneven but endearing efforts that have moved away from the Replacements' drunken revelry, Grandpaboy has also separated Westerberg from his former band in a completely different manner.Every day on the way home, he would hide in the bushes and listen to them rehearse, never summoning the courage to knock on the door and introduce himself.Once you navigate it though, it’s audio nirvana.Fans jokingly referred to the group as the Placemats, which was soon shortened to the Mats, which is what you called them if you were in on the joke.

Paul Westerberg Goes Back To Mono - Rolling Stone

And while I'm on a roll here, I'll go ahead and be controversial: Stereo and Mono are the best work Paul's done ir like fifteen years.“It didn’t go well with Al,” says Westerberg.It still haunts me to this day the time I was asked to name an animal that gives milk, and I said, ‘A goat,’ because a cow was too obvious.Rabbit”.Even if you don’t believe so I reccomend taking a few tracks from each of his solo albums and giving them a fresh re-evaluation with an open mind.

Whither Paul Westerberg? | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Rare Led Zeppelin Ii 8236 Mono White Label Promo Dj Copy Stereo Jacket.It’s true.The previous record I did with Don Was, who is a great producer, and Don was good enough to know I really didn’t need a producer so much.Despite some valiant attempts, Westerberg’s never managed to meet the artistic levels of The Replacements trio of Let It Be, Tim, and Pleased To Meet Me.It’s the same damn chords.@Dean – The documentary, Seeing Through Paul, was shot as a promotional item for Suicaine Gratifaction but was never officially released.

Paul Westerberg – Aphoristic Album Reviews

If you know the back story, it’s hard not to pull for this record to be better than it ultimately was, to hope that it was a masterpiece that Capitol slept on and that ultimately will find an audience appreciative of its intricacies.Then came the Westerberg solo records—14 Songs, 1996’s Eventually and 1999’s Suicaine Gratifaction—each one panned more severely by critics, each one mishandled more ineptly by the record companies, each one ignored a little more by the fans.Fans jokingly referred to the group as the Placemats, which was soon shortened to the Mats, which is what you called them if you were in on the joke.

Charity Chic Music: Stereo And Mono

I think he’s grown up enough to say he tried to sound like me, but we listened to the same Rod Stewart and Steve Marriott stuff together, but he definitely went more for the high-end screech.‘True stereo’ agreed that multi-channel master tape mixed to stereo = trickery but hey, no problem with that.Westerberg plays all the instruments, occasionally flubs lyrics, and gets defensive in the liner notes: "Unprofessional? Perhaps.When he was 12, Westerberg was swinging on a junkyard rope and fell off, banging his head on a rusted car fender.That said, it was also a technique sometimes used to further commercialize an album with re-releases long after the music had been recorded.

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