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TORRES Announces New Album Silver Tongue, Shares “Good ...

It was more that I’m better in writing than I am in any other way, so to put words down onto paper and then to sing them is my strongest form of communication."He just tackled a duck and went for his throat!" she yelps."I wish them all the best," she said in a tweet. I ask her if the church has stayed with her, now that she’s been in the city for so long.It made sense for me to do it myself, and I didn't really have the budget to just throw money at a producer for the sake of making it sound slick.

TORRES - Silver Tongue (2020) Hi-Res

Even the retained fuzz flourishes don't feel derivative.The songs sometimes touch on the rush of infatuation, but more often situate themselves in the places where love intersects with fear, jealousy, shame or ignorance.Every time I describe my music in a certain way, I'm fully aware that people don't hear what I'm talking about [laughs], but we never see our own project the way other people see it.I don't mean violent fights.There’s a lot of darkness to it as well.A lot has happened between Three Futures and Silver Tongue; most notably, she was dropped from her major record label contract because “she didn’t sell enough records”.

mackenzie scottNew Album Releases: SILVER TONGUE (Torres) - Alternative ...

After you were dropped from 4AD, you tweeted "Fuck the music industry. Mackenzie Scott returns as TORRES with an album that is uncompromisingly her own Read Review.I'm someone who loves to win any argument and get my way.It’s the most forthright I’ve ever written—about love, especially.After a period where she felt like quitting music all together following getting dropped, Scott hunkered down for close to two years, writing the songs that would become Silver Tongue, an album filled with melodramatic, theatrical love songs, filtered through the country music of Scott’s youth.

Torres - Silver Tongue | Album Reviews | Consequence Of Sound

“Turns out it was a very popular selling point!”.I never was trying to be as veiled as people have told me that I lose touch with the fact that the network of support that you have in individuals is still very important.In between, Scott wrestles with the highs and lows of what “being in love” might mean over heady guitars and swirling synths.I think I needed that.That's someone else's emotions.Dressing America 4.I imagine you mean financially most of all — but in other ways, too?.

mackenzie scottTORRES On Her New Album, ‘Silver Tongue’ |

Helping someone to believe something before they believe it themselves is a new thing for me.Silver Tongue will be Torres’ first record with Merge Records.Few Torres fans might have expected a lightly smarmy acoustic ballad on Scott’s truest album to date, and she too didn’t predict this current version of herself."Zowy!" No, just kidding.She’s never sounded more at ease — really, she’s never sounded more like herself.Oh, and I marathoned Game Of Thrones from start to finish.

TORRES - Silver Tongue (2020) Hi-Res

… I had the language and technical capabilities, and I felt confident,” she says.What prompted you to start work on Silver Tongue?I don't really itch to get back to writing unless I've got something that I know I want to say.He won his first golden gramophone, for Best Country Vocal Collaboration, at the 35th GRAMMY Awards, held in 1993, for "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," his collaboration with country artist Travis Tritt; the two performed the song together at that year's ceremony. The original thing was “Last Forest,” the second song on Silver Tongue.

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