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The reasons supporting a conclusion in an argument are called|Multiple Choice Quiz

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Argument | logic | Britannica

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term A term is a simple component of a statement, with a limited and definite meaning.Department of Communication University of Pittsburgh 4200 Fifth Avenue 1433 Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh, PA 15260.We have already said that an argument is comprised of a claim, or conclusion, and at least one reason for accepting the claim or conclusion.  The propositions in an argument are inferentially related, that is, one or more of the propositions are intended to establish the truth of the main proposition or conclusion.  The conclusion of the argument is the claim that the writer or speaker is trying to convince another person to accept.

conditional statement An if..then statement.syllogism A formal argument with two premises and one conclusion.Remember that so long as you have a conclusion and at least one reason or premise, the passage is an argument.

This means that a proposition is distinct from other sentences that not either true or false, such as, questions, commands, and exclamations, All of the following are examples of propositions: "The U.With an example as evidence, someone arguing against seat belt use might say Last year my cousin crashed her car off a bridge and would have drowned if she were wearing her seatbelt as evidence (the answer to Why do you believe that? question.) An opponent might challenge whether this example was a representative one: surely there are many more car crashes that do not end in water, so this one instance is not a fair gauge of the relative safety of not wearing seat belts.factual claim One of the implied parts of every argument.

truth function The set of possible truth values a formal complex proposition could have, depending on the truth of the contingent content that could be substituted into it.

An Argument Is The Process Of Supporting A Claim O ...

consistent An argument is consistent if the premises are not contradictory.(a) Premises, (b) Conclusion:.horizontal pattern argument an extended argument in which the main pattern is of many premises supporting one conclusion.

Warning: "It's not a proposition.See: P language.term compliment A term compliment is the opposite of a term. Sometimes formed by adding "non-" to the term, sometimes formed using prefixes, with longer terms you must reduce the scope of the term.

The rest of the world can't really dispute whether I liked the book or not, but they can argue about the benefits of liberal arts.Even if the premises are true they wouldn't provide much support for the conclusion.To determine the conclusion, ask yourself, "What is this writer or speaker trying to convince me of?".

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You should support him for President.".formal fallacy An invalid argument in which the problem has to do with the form of the argument.Eyewitness or first-hand testimonies are reports from people who directly experience some phenomenon.

false dichotomy An informal fallacy of presumption based on a disjunction when there are actually more than two choices.The premises given are: 1) that speakers of more than one language have better understanding of how languages are structured; 2) a second language can help people to have better understanding and appreciation of their first language.major term The term in a standard form caregorical syllogism which is in the major premise and is the predicate term of the conclusion.

Erroneous arguments are called fallacies in logic (see fallacy).Eyewitness or first-hand testimonies are reports from people who directly experience some phenomenon.

1.4 Understanding Arguments Flashcards | Quizlet

connective Symbols used in propositional logic.Such efforts to convince are not arguments.term compliment A term compliment is the opposite of a term. Sometimes formed by adding "non-" to the term, sometimes formed using prefixes, with longer terms you must reduce the scope of the term.

invalid argument A deductive argument which has something wrong with the form.necessity Something is necessary if it is impossible to imagine it not being the case, even in a different possible world.weak argument An inductive argument with a poor form.

We have offered the following definition of argument: An "argument" is a set of propositions, which is designed to convince a reader or listener of a conclusion, and which include at least one reason (premise) for accepting the conclusion." Arguments, which are designed to convince, are different from sets of propositions that instruct, give directions, report or inform.

logical equivalence When two propositions have the same truth value.O statement A particular, negative, standard form categorical proposition.fallacy of presumption a group of informal fallacies in which the information in the conclusion of an argument is actually assumed in the premises, thus not actually proving anything new.

Ask yourself what question the argument seems be answering, and then look for the answer to that question.Specific instances include examples, case studies, and narratives.distribution A term in a categorical proposition is distributed if you know something about every member of its class.

contingent dependent upon a particular state of events to be true.Each can be an effective mode of building support for a reason or claim.

The reasons supporting a conclusion in an argument are called Standard form quantifiers are all, some and no.Reasons given to support a conclusion are called.

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